I want to personally welcome you to my personal website where I share daily tips and strategies on starting and running a successful online business from the comfort of your home.
Before you jump into any business, the first questions you should have a clear “WHY ?”   for your starting a business. You should know what is that one thing once achieves, you will consider yourself successful. This is important because being successful has different meanings to different people.

Personally, I used to think that having a high education is enough to be successful in life and would guarantee a good lifestyle. But I realized that regardless of how much one gets paid and regardless of their advanced degrees, money is just a means to an end and we keep ourselves content by knowing we are just getting by even though getting by isn’t good enough anymore these days…🤔

However, after years of hard work, the realities I was soon faced with made me rethink and redefined my purpose in life and I realized that my direction and thinking needed to change.  I discovered that my purpose in life lies in helping the people I care about in any way I can and this switched on my “ultimate motivation” – this is that energy I felt when I really loved to do something and I saw how it could manifest freedom, happiness, and energy in my life.

This ultimate motivation led to my decision to do whatever it takes to create a meaningful life for myself and those I care about and this unleashed the entrepreneur in me. 😲

Long story short, I got into business mentorship which led me to the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. I call it a journey because learning is a progressive process which never ends and if you are not learning anything new, it’s a sign that you’re not developing.

Having a good mentor is like leveraging the existing system to find a solution to the existing problem faster which is a good characteristic of any successful entrepreneur…

I feel like it will be too long if I wait to learn everything in order for me to start sharing with others what I’ve been running and we both know that knowing everything is impossible, so why not share the little I have. So, to give back to the world, I started a business blog site to provide tips and learning to online small businesses or starts

If you are one of those people who are thinking of starting a business or who are already running a small business, I would recommend you check out my business blog site for the business tips and also consider subscribing at the site to get notified whenever there are new postings.

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Once again, welcome, and enjoy your visit

Lawrence Bukenya