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For a couple of months, I have been running my successful online business and I always get asked: “how I got started and succeed yet I did not have a background in business?”

My response lies in the secret of having a good mentor who has achieved the success you are looking for and coach you step by step on how to achieve the success. This is so useful because it helps you avoid the mistakes many people make when starting up.

Having a good mentor is like leveraging the existing system to find a solution to the existing problem faster which is a good characteristic of any successful entrepreneur…

So I order for me to be able to give back to people, I do offer Free live events we call “IMF Workshops” in different local areas around the world. Do not forget to check the IMF page to see when we will be in your area to offer a FREE business workshop.

 In addition, we do offer 21-step-by step training on starting and running a successful online business in little time and with little financial investment… so please check out our product page for details

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